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This is the first year we are making white papers from our sponsors and various speakers at our events available to members as a free download.


October 2018: SWIFT Multi-bank Services for Corporates and Banks

Adrienne Terpak, VP, Segment Manager for Corporate & Specialty Banking, TD Bank, and Will Lui, SWIFT Regional Manager, gave an in-depth presentation to PAFP members in October about the role SWIFT plays in corporate treasury strategies involving how to achieve greater operational efficiency, tackling regulatory and compliance requirements, fraud mitigation, and improving straight-through processing.

You can download the presentation here.


August 2018 PAFP Webinar Presentation: An In-depth Overview of the IBOR Transition Plan 

At a well-attended Webinar held in August, Roy Choudhury, expert on LIBOR/IBOR transition issues, shared his in-depth knowledge about this important topic impacting the financial industry.  Titled, "Global IBOR Transition to Alternative Risk-free Rates" this presentation can be downloaded here.


"Cash Repatriation: The Bar is Now Set" by Bob Stark, VP Strategy, Kyriba

Bob Stark, VP Strategy, Kyriba, a global treasury management software solutions company, authored "Cash Repatriation: The Bar is Now Set" in response to President Trump's State of the Union Address which aired January 30, 2018.

President Trump announced that Apple would be bringing back $350B in cash and as a result they will be investing in the US economy and creating jobs.  This president has clearly stated the value of unlocking trapped cash overseas. CFOs and treasury professionals will have to respond to this very real call to action. 

How do you prepare for the anticipated request for a cash repatriation plan? "Cash Repatriation" addresses the new and real challenge of cash repatriation. It was also featured as the lead article in GTNews.

Kyriba is a long-standing Philadelphia AFP sponsor.

Download Kyriba White Paper


We will update this page with more white papers from our sponsors. Check back soon! 


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