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Keynote Speakers

Morning General Session

Leslie Gudel 

Leslie Gudel, President & Founder Flatterbox.com and Kendall's Crusade



The Challenges and Triumphs of a Small Business in Today's World

Leslie Gudel is an Emmy winning sportscaster as well as the founder of two small businesses. 

One of those businesses was a successful baby product company that produced $12 million in revenue in four years only to be shut down overnight. Leslie will share, among other things, her insights into building the business, managing rapid growth, meeting changing financial needs, and how to navigate the challenges of government compliance. 

With 25 years of experience in sports broadcasting, Leslie will also share stories from her time as an anchor and reporter for Comcast SportsNet and how those skills apply to being an entrepreneur.

A native of Los Angeles, Leslie moved to Philadelphia in 1997 where she became the city’s first female sports broadcaster, helping launch a then-start up, Comcast SportsNet (now NBC Sports Network).  In 19 years with Comcast SportsNet, Gudel also spent three years roaming the college football sidelines for ABC Sports.                                   

Gudel’s daughter had a stroke in 2014 at the age of ten, the result of a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her brain. This led to the creation of a non-profit called Kendall’s Crusade. To date, they’ve raised just over $200,000 in two years to help fund research and care for patients with an AVM. Outside of wearing these many hats, Gudel loves working out, traveling, cooking, photography and spending time with her family, including her two kids, Kendall (14) and Chase (12). 


Afternoon General Session

Mike Whitaker 

Mike Whitaker, tech entrepreneur, author,

"The Decision Makeover: An Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want." 



"The Decision Makeover"

Mike Whitaker, a successful business entrepreneur, will share how making better decisions will help you in all aspects of life.  His Decision Makeover process can be applied to problems in all areas of life including money, career, education, health, and friends or family. 

Mike's talk will provide the audience with tools to finally achieve a better decision making process through purposeful decision making - something people will benefit from regardless of age. 

As a coach and speaker on topics that involve critical thinking about the future, Mike offers unique perspectives and world-class solutions to help others achieve their goals. Mike is the founder of Idea Gateway, a company that works with entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, providing expertise and capital to the ventures. He is also the CEO of GuestX, one of the companies developed by Idea Gateway. Additionally, he serves as a founder and board member for RevTech, a Dallas-based technology accelerator that assists young growth technology companies directly influencing the swiftly changing business landscape.

These enterprises put Mike on the front lines of what is happening in business, technology, and for the American worker. He currently also serves as chairman of Lucas Color Card, a data product manufacturer he founded in 1995.

For more, visit: www.mikewhitaker.com


Session Speakers


Francesco Tonin, FX Application Specialist, Bloomberg, LP:  "Get up to Speed with Cryptocurrencies"

Applications of the block chain to corporate finance are obvious, from the annihilation of money transfer costs to Internet security. But should you jump in? What are the caveats of the new technology? Is it as easy to get out as it is to get in?

This presentation will not make you as proficient as a rogue hacker, but will teach you the concepts that are relevant to analyze the new technology within your corporate mandate.

Kevin Jones, Manager, Risk Management Advisory, Chatham Financial: "Interest Rate Risk - Changing the Game" 

Interest rate hedging isn’t a new topic, but it does have a number of new twists. After prolonged near-zero interest rates, many companies are revisiting interest rate risk for the first time since the 2008 banking crisis after a more sustained climate of Fed rate hikes. Meanwhile, LIBOR replacement is being solidified, impacting loans and hedges alike. And if market changes weren’t impactful enough, changes in accounting standards have also played a role in the economic strategies being employed by companies. This session will focus on how companies have been navigating the current landscape of interest rate hedging. 

Razvan Ionescu, CFA, VP-Global FX Markets, Citizens Bank: "FX Forwards vs. Cross-Currency Swaps - A Fair Comparison?"

FX forwards and options are often presented as viable hedging strategies in corporate treasury and risk management. However, the economic fundamentals of those strategies are very different, and for companies whose goal is certainty in cash flows with minimum cost, the alternative is more between forwards and cross-currency swaps. But is that a fair comparison? This session explores how treasurers should think about alternatives that provide 100% cash flow certainty at no cost.

Leilani Doyle, SVP, Product Management, US Dataworks:

"How AIM Mutual Transformed Receivables Processing with Intelligent Learning"

It’s no secret treasury services are changing. Businesses want banks to deliver strategic technology solutions to automate their manual receivables processes. AIM Mutual recently implemented an Integrated Receivables Solution to reduce manual effort required for posting payments. While the Intelligent Learning solution was busy removing tedious, repetitive data entry tasks, AIM team members were freed to spend their time doing what humans do best, being creative and being social. This translates into enhanced customer service, expanded service offerings, and brand differentiation.

Karen Hendricks, CTP, Product Manager, Fiserv: "Bank Fees and Banking Relationships"

Stop! Don’t pay until you understand the bill. This session will provide the necessary skills to increase visibility of bank fees and gain understanding of your banking relationships. Learn strategies to work with your internal and external partners. Identify the link between cash management and account analysis. Industry expert will share tactics to successfully manage your account analysis and reduce bank fees.

Bob Stark, VP-Strategy, Kyriba: "The Next Generation of Treasury Technology is Coming"

The next evolution of treasury technology is already starting to emerge, with block chains, cryptocurrencies and treasury robots beginning to enter the mainstream of corporate finance. In this session, Kyriba will review what we, in treasury, can expect from the next generation of technology solutions and how our roles in treasury will be affected.

This session covers: Block chain and distributed ledgers, bitcoin and crypto currencies, robotics and machine learning, connecting to banks via API, and real-time payments 

Nicole Meyer, Founder & Managing Partner, The Meyer Partnership: "Navigating Your Career in the 21st Century"

Discuss how to better manage your career through networking and better leverage technology to support career progression in the 21st century. Networking and recruitment expert, Nicole Meyer, answers your questions and discusses best practices to support building your professional network to support your career progression goals while avoiding the common mistakes made by treasury and finance professionals.  

Dave Paradi, Founder, Think Outside the Slide: "Boardroom-Ready Presentations"

Visually-appealing presentations greatly increase your ability to communicate effectively. When presenting the results of your analysis to a room full of executives, don’t just copy spreadsheets onto slides: create visuals that communicate key messages of the decision-making process in a memorable way. Join us for this session and get ready to walk away with a new skill set. Experience dynamic and

effective visuals you too can create in Excel and PowerPoint. Discover how to select the best visuals for communicating common messages from analysis and gain practical ideas you can take back to the office.

Dana DiOstilio, AVP, Treasury Solutions Group, PNC Bank: "How Millennials are Changing Payments"

The millennial generation is now the largest segment of our population, and they are continuing to drive changes in how we communicate and utilize technology. With nearly 80 million millennials born between 1980 and 1999, their behaviors and expectations are shaping developments in business, commerce, and even more simply, access to money. Through the use of payment sharing applications, millennials have driven the adoption of digital wallets.

With the accelerating participation in these peer-to-peer payment networks, opportunities to address a variety of business-to-consumer transaction sets are now available. Initial solutions are focused on offering a more efficient, secure and lower-cost alternative to traditional check payments. This session will describe the current landscape and how millennials are changing payments. We will discuss potential use cases and relevant solution considerations including settlement, reconciliation and the respective user experiences.

Adrienne Terpak, CTP, Segment Mgr.-Corporate & Specialty Banking, TD Bank and

Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner, Strategic Treasurer, LLC.: 

"Strategic Viewpoints from Treasury Perspectives Survey"

Treasury Perspectives, a new global survey from Strategic Treasurer and TD Bank, covers areas of great importance to treasurers including Treasury Operations & Benchmarks and Regulatory Impact & Response. It explores key questions that address practices that are changing in treasury operations and how the regulatory environment continues to impact treasury and the overall organization. This session will highlight strategic viewpoints from the recent survey and examine the impacts on practices and actions of treasurers. 

Thomas Frale, Jr., Director of Business Development, RLR Management Consulting, Inc. and 

Rick Fiorito, Chief Revenue Officer, Transactis: 

"Faster Payments Strategy - Where Do We Stand?"

With the advent of faster payments and the ability to offer same day ACH debits and credits, RLR Management Consulting conducted a nationwide survey to determine the knowledge, readiness and strategic thoughts of the financial institution marketplace. In this survey, we asked participants to share insights into where they saw challenges and opportunities for their financial institutions moving forward. Our presentation shares those results and provides some commentary on our findings, and we discuss the impact of same day payments on payment alternatives such as PayPal, ApplePay, and others.

Keith W. Clark, Director of Payment and Treasury Solutions, Vizant Technologies:

"The B2B Payment Landscape - How It Is Being Reshaped"

Today’s B2B payment landscape is being reshaped by digital advances in the consumer space. We will explore how B2B adoption cycles have and will follow B2C at an accelerated pace. By understanding the emerging segments of consumer payments insight will be provided to finance and treasury leaders to guide them to expanding business payment methods. How Blockchain is impacting these payments and related information will be discussed. 

Seth Marlow, SVP, Merchant & Payment Solutions, Treasury Insights Consulting Group:

"The New Essentials: Big Data, Biometrics and Everything in Between"

Accept a payment from your customer’s car, no swipe needed. Scan your eye instead of entering a PIN. Use Big Data to gain insights from your cash flows. Rapidly advancing technology is altering the way we do business, enabling us to increase convenience and relevance. Will it also make us smarter? From the Internet of Things to biometrics and more, we’ll discuss how essential new technologies affect how companies and their treasury and finance departments do business. 

James Simpson, Co-owner, Debt Compliance Services, LLC.: Negotiating Credit Agreements

Negotiating a successful financing begins at the end of the term sheet, where it states: "The credit facility described above will be subject to an executed credit agreement and other documents with terms, conditions, and covenants satisfactory to the Lender.”

We will explain how you do that by:

♦ Assigning negotiating responsibilities for specific areas between Treasury and Legal. ♦ Understanding how the Events of Default specify the covenant risks of the agreement, the transaction documents, and the existing debt agreements.♦ Writing covenants to lower default risk: wording, the specific defined terms that must be carefully negotiated, thresholds, compliance frequency, like covenants in other agreements, ability to comply, grace periods, and how knowledge of a covenant violation is best defined.♦ Reducing the consequences of a default. ♦ Recording the key aspects of the agreement in the summary deal document for the CFO’s review prior to execution. 

Mazen Issa, Sr. FX Strategist, TD Securities: "Potential Implications of the 2017 Tax Overhaul"

Our outlook for the US economy, including continued Federal Reserve rate hikes in the face of strong growth. The tax plan creates upside risks while the sluggish recovery in wages and inflation could slow the Fed. We examine how exchange rates might respond against this backdrop and potential implications from major tax overhaul. We will address the flatness of the yield curve, which is a function of a low Fed terminal rate as well as low global rates and significant foreign demand for Treasuries.  

Edmund Green, Managing Director, KPMG, LLP: "Third-Party Risk Management"

Third-party risk management is a process of proactively and consistently identifying, analyzing, quantifying and treating potential threats to your organization’s existence, strategy or business model resulting from third party relationships. In this session learn the key success factors in implementing third party risk management.