Annual Holiday Luncheon 2019

Philadelphia AFP's Annual Holiday Party - December 4th

Where:  Pyramid Club, 52nd Floor, William Penn Room
Philadelphia, PA
When: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 
Date:  Wednesday, 4 December

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Special Presentation: "Building Leaders, One Conversation at a Time" by Carla Krieman, SVP, TD Bank

This presentation considers a new approach to civil communication in a divisive world. It focuses on the most powerful tool that we have available to us that builds strong relationships, aligns with corporate culture commitments, minimizes risk, and advances team objectives. It is the conversation! Great conversationalists have long viewed social interactions like scholars, with a sense of wonder and curiosity. They suspend judgment and put guardrails on conversations to minimize emotions that derail objectives. This session studies all of these key elements and introduces visualization techniques to support optimizing our interactions. With a simple mindset change, individuals can view their conversations as the greatest institutes of higher learning, a place where we can all broaden our perspective and evolve as communicators.

Come to the Holiday Luncheon and you will emerge with a new, unique and optimistic view of communication. You will return to you job with a greater ability to repair (both professional and personal) struggling relationships.

About Carla Krieman, SVP  TD Bank

Carla is a Senior Vice President and Sales Manager at TD Bank. She and her team advise clients on payments and treasury technologies that optimize performance, and position organizations for the future. Over her 32 year career in the financial industry, Carla has been a leader in product and financial management, marketing, training and sales disciplines. She has always found, no matter her role, that impactful performance and leadership are achieved, one conversation at a time.

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